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Mobile App Development Services

Whether it’s a new app development, update or maintenance, hire Mafsys Technologies!

Why have a mobile app?

Out of the total time spent globally on digital media, more than half is spent on mobile apps. Smartphone users spend about 90 percent of their mobile time on mobile apps, preferably on purpose built mobile apps as compared to a mobile website. The average consumer has about 10 to 20 apps installed on his device and spends more time on them than any other functionality of the mobile phone. Mobile apps account for almost 50% percent of all online sales too.

So why & how businesses & brands utilize mobile applications? Businesses use mobile apps in a number of following ways to reach their goals and objectives:

  • To improve their brand visibility, by advertising through social media and internet.
  • For business intelligence, through collecting and analyzing data to help them understand their strengths and weaknesses.
  • For communications, including customer relationship management tools to get information about their customers.
  • For logistics and supply chain processes, making it easier to source materials and services from vendors and suppliers.
  • To help with payroll and inventory.
  • For direct selling.

What is the science behind Mobile App Development?

Mobile apps have to work with a variety of constraints including a wide range of screen sizes, memory capacities, processor capabilities, graphical interfaces, buttons, and touch functions, and developers must accommodate them all.

Once you decide to develop your mobile app and approach Mafsys Technologies for its design and development, our first step is researching about your business and target audience, as well as your competitors. We do not proceed unless we have answers to the following questions:

  • What is your key objective of launching a mobile app?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • How do you want your customers to use your app?
  • What problems will your app address for your customers?
  • What platform(s) will you use?
  • Do your competitors have apps?
  • What is your app development budget?
  • What is your timeline for development?
  • How will you market and promote your app?

Why hire Mafsys Technologies for your Mobile App?

We create high performance, feature-packed mobile applications for iOS & Android. As experts in mobile application development services, Mafsys Technologies can create the right app that will meet all your business needs. Our mobile app development services offer the following features:

  • In-house Development
  • Customized Approach
  • Technical Support
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Timely Delivery

iOS App Development Services

As specialists in iOS Mobile App Development, Mafsys Technologies can help develop state-of-the-art and customized mobile apps for iOS devices. Our iOS app development services can play a mainstream role in maximizing brand presence and increasing your company’s revenue by creating native and purpose-built iPhone and iPad apps. Some other goals may include improving customer engagement, increasing your social reach or acquiring customer related data.

Android App Development Services

Mafsys Technologies provides innovative android app development services to forward-driven businesses and brands. Our focus is on creating apps with a wide range of features to help businesses gain unprecedented edge over their competition. Our app development team adopts to quickly changing technologies and work with an understanding of your aligned business objectives.

Taking maximum advantage of the potential of the Android platform, we offer unlimited possibilities to our customers with advanced android mobile applications. No matter who your target audience is or what your objectives are, we have the expertise to design, develop and deploy a variety of android apps.

Our iOS and Android Mobile App Development Services include:

  • Customized iPhone and Android App Development
  • iPhone and Android App Update & Optimization
  • Social Media App Development for iOS and Android
  • Enterprise App Development for iOS and Android
  • Game Development for iPad / iPhone / Android Phones
  • iPhone / Android Widget Development
  • eCommerce iOS / Android Applications
  • iPad/ iPhone / Android App Portability & Testing
  • App Support

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