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mafsys Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Almost every other person using the internet today is looking for either a product or a service through Google search. They end up connecting with companies or businesses whose websites appear in the top search results on Google. So in the highly competitive age of doing business on the internet, it is equally important to have a dynamic website which is also optimized and appears in the top results of Google search.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the technique to use words from content on your website and optimize them in a way to make them visible for the search engines. Often considered as the best marketing tool in online business, it can make your website appear at the top search results and visible to people browsing the internet for particular keywords. The best website with poor SEO will make you lose both business opportunities and potential customers or clients. On the other hand, a good website with an effective SEO strategy can get you more relevant leads that convert into actual business.

As with any other service of Mafsys Technologies, we spend a good time researching about your industry sector and understanding the behavior of your target market. Our analysis also covers market dynamics, the specific needs of your business and your desired results from your website. Taking input from all the above and the already present competition on the internet we then implement a customized SEO campaign. Our promise is to create an organic strategy which results in a strong ROI in the form of meaningful leads.

The 2 Most Important Components of SEO

An effective SEO strategy is derived from a balance between onsite and offsite optimization since these are the two important factors for first page results.

Onsite Optimization or On-page SEO is the core of our SEO campaigns and is related to the basic structure of the website and its content. Based upon our study of your business offering, we choose the best semantic keywords and optimize your website around them, making it search engine friendly. Onsite optimization includes:

  • Identifying the best keyword clusters and comparing the existing content with them
  • Developing new content for targeting the identified keywords
  • Ensuring that your website has a good architecture

Offsite optimization is about creating a high-quality profile, active social media presence and link building (including inbound links, outbound links).

Why choose SEO by Mafsys Technologies?

The team at Mafsys Technologies performs the following additional functions as part of its SEO strategy:

  • Website Audit: Before we even begin to propose or implement our strategy, our SEO experts critically analyze key areas of your website to find on-page issues and suggest techniques to resolve them.
  • Keywords Research: Keeping in mind your target audience and marketing goals, we conduct a robust thematic keyword research. This is in line to our efforts to discover keyword opportunities to help drive the most relevant traffic towards your website.
  • Reporting: As a professional SEO service provider, we provide comprehensive monthly reports to our clients about the progress of their website, giving them an opportunity to openly discuss the SEO strategy alongside.
  • Content Creation & Optimization: Being your SEO consultants, we help you in creating organic and SEO-friendly content for your website.
  • Website Structure: With a deep understanding of SEO techniques, we take pride in building websites with proper categorization and functionality that respond to search engines more effectively.
  • SEO for Mobile Optimization: Our SEO strategy is equally focused on mobile optimization and responsiveness.


Our Clear Approach: We never start our SEO campaign for any client unless we have done our research.
Our Ethical Philosophy: We always use organic techniques and methods to improve the rankings of your website and web pages.
Our Accurate Timing: We use data analytics to enable brands & businesses to communicate with their audience / customers / clients at the right time.
Our Results: Whether you are a small startup business or a large scale established organization, our focus is to help you gain maximum traffic, leads and conversions. It’s not just about higher search engine ranking. It’s much more than that.

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